Jack has Pythiosis

9 Dec

After several weeks of a diagnosis that eluded us we finally reached one.  Its called Pythiosis. Vets that are not failure with it need to be as it will only come up in lab work if you test for is specifically.  Jack lost 15 more pounds in our care even when we were force feeding him. He became anorexic, depressed and continued to vomit.  He was returned to the vet and his diagnosis was finally found.

jack6We are glad to have found a diagnosis but now we are struggling to save him.  Pythiosis does not have an exact cure.  It only has an experimental treatment with a 50% chance of survival and its expensive.  Jacks vet bills are the highest of any dog we have had, and they may still go up depending if he need surgery or not to cut out the infected intestines. He will be receiving 4 injections and in the mean time being fostered and fed Dyne to put some pounds on.

A friend of mine and I went and saw him at the clinic this last Thursday and he seemed to still be in good spirit.  We hope he pulls through.

Someone put a toy on the end of my hat

Someone put a toy on the end of my hat


One Response to “Jack has Pythiosis”

  1. danknet4208183 January 9, 2014 at 9:36 pm #

    The is a great treatment for Pythiosis & Pythium for dogs and horses. It’s called Fungus Free Plus I think there website address is http://fungusfree.net

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