Photo Auction for Jack-Copyright

25 Dec

Photo Auction for Jack

Up for auction is one framed original pencil drawing of Jack in a Christmas hat while Leslye and I went to visit him. Drawn by me, Stacy Bosarge, of Home Again Dalmatian Rescue. The image is just a bit larger than a 5×7. It is framed but not matted. This is not a silent auction. All bid offers are to be stated in the NOTE comments. Anyone who wants to bid must comment on the NOTE! Not on the POST. Anyone can share this note to their wall but unless a comment is made on the note it will not be seen or counted. If you share this note please state “Comment on the note, not on this post” 100% of the bid will go toward Jack’s Vet Expenses. Starting bid for this drawing is $50. The next bid must be in $1 or more increments. There should not be any two people with the same bid. If there is the first person that made the bid will be the winner. This is for the ORIGINAL drawing. This is the first original drawing that I have ever sold, but I am willing to do it for Jack!!! Bidding starts now 12/24/12 and will end on 12/30/12 at midnight. Payment must be made through paypal. At the end of the auction an invoice will be made and the winner will be messaged or tagged with the paypal email to be used and total donation. I will get your mailing address from you or through your paypal account shipping label.

I will keep everyone informed when prints are made and those will be put up for substantially less if people are interested. There will be prints on a later date for any donation over a certain amount but that has not been figured, it will once the original is scanned and I know what size prints can be made and prices of them, but again only if I am shown some interest. Please message me if you would be interested in a print.

You can follow Jack’s story on this Blog at or on our FB page. – or on Lola Dalmatian FB page.

All Bids must be on the Note on our facebook page.  If we are not friends please message me your bid.

If you have any questions please message me at with AUCTION in the subject line, or it will not be seen. Thank you and Happy Bidding. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to come!!!


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