Jack lost the battle in January 2013

15 Jan

Jack lost his life to pythiosis and other unknown ailments on January 5th 2013, when he was put to sleep. He could no longer hold his head up. He gave up, so we let him go. Through generous donations we where able to pay for all his medical bills and get him cremated. Part of his remains where returned to his original owner who loved him enough to give him back to our rescue knowing they could not care for him, and gave him a chance at life. Another loss at Home Again Dalmatian rescue soon followed, our beloved elderly dalmatian Ember passed away in her sleep the very next day, her death was due to natural causes. She to was cremated.  A couple weeks later our eldery dalmatian Slinky had to be put to sleep in February after she became seriously ill with cancer and an uncontrolled upper GI bleed. Our last 2 elderly dalmatians Sparky and Athens passed away in March and April of 2013. Sparky of old age and was PTS due to immobility, incontinence, confusion, and loss of appetite. He was found to have a pronounced heart murmur when we took him to the vet and we where told he would go in to congestive heart failure at any time, so the choice was made to not allow him to suffer. He was about 13y/o. Athens being the last dog in the rescue went 3 weeks later from an unknown cause, he was found curled up asleep on his dog bed, he never woke up. We are not sure if it was depression or what. But he went from having 4 buddies to none in the matter of 2 months. Home Again Dalmatian Rescue was running as an elderly dalmatian sanctuary for the year 2012 and all of the elder dogs passed within a few month of each other. We closed our rescue on January 1st 2013 due to lack of funds. We have been closed for exactly a year now. We have helped some but have not been able to bring any dogs in. The following pictures are in order Jack, Ember, Slinky, Sparky, Athens






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