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Oscar’s Story- Stray to wonderful Home

15 Jan


We named this boy Oscar. He was found running at large in the middle of a highway being hoked at by 18 wheelers. This poor boy had his tail tucked running every which way. He finally came up onto our porch and hid. I picked him up and he was just the most sweet boy. I walked the entire neighborhood to see if anyone knew the dog. Our rescue is located in a VERY SMALL town in which everyone knows everyone and every ones dog. A couple people witnessed a car back down a dead end road near the railroad tracks and then take off, when they saw this little dog chasing the car. That is when I knew he was a drop off. After 4 weeks of trying to find his owner (as he was just groomed so maybe he was stolen and then dropped of, we didnt know) he was placed for adoption.  He found a great local home where he is being lived to pieces. We have found out that he must have not been allowed on the furniture because he will not get on the couch or the bed or a chair. Nothing!  But he is slowly learning that he has more privileges at his new home.  His new name is Bennie!