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Jack is hanging in there

24 Dec

Jack is still hanging in there.  He has had 2 immune-threapy vaccines and will have a third one on day 21.  Jack will most likely not show any improvement from this disease until day 45-60.   He is not out of the woods.  This is my vets first case.  He is staying at a vets house in Memphis who volunteered her time during the holidays.  He has stopped vomiting but still no weight gain even though he is getting fed every 30-45 min.  His stomach is just not absorbing nutrition.  A recent ultrasound showed severe thickening of the lining of the stomach.   It seems that his ulcers though have healed.  But the pythiosis is so bad it looks like cancer to a vet that has never done an ultrasound on a dog with pythiosis.  Since we have a definitive diagnosis we are continuing his care for that.  The vet has switched his meds to IM vs PO since he doesnt seem to be absorbing anything and that has helped him alot.  I hope after the holidays we can continue to do that which will give him a better chance at living.   Between 7 vets now and so many different tests we are close to $3000 in vet bills. Thank you to everyone who loves Jack and all the holiday angels Jacks bills have so far been paid except a few hundred, in which there is a Chip in Link for Jack. http://jmwolf114.chipin.com/jacks-medical-expenses.  Jack is being a good patient.  Hang in there Jack. Jack4